Workhorse Custom Chassis
Workhorse is
no longer in
Workhorse W-24 Chassis. Coach by Coachman RV
Workhorse Rear Diesel Pusher(RDP) Chassis. Coach by Mandalay Coach
We are very sad to announce that Workhorse Custom Chassis will no longer be
producing RV or Commercial chassis. As of this print, the RV line has no planned
open date by Workhorse or a new purchaser. The commercial line has been
purchased and will still be known as Workhorse although there coverage will be
from their purchase date forward. Chassis built before the purchase will be known
as Legacy Workhorse.
We are still a Legacy Workhorse Dealer and will continue to get parts and perform
warranty repairs or recalls as long as that is possible. We will continue to stock the
parts we always have providing they remain available. Some parts are already
being discontinued. This includes both Legacy RV and Commercial chassis. We
tried very hard to be a dealer that met your needs and are very sad to see the
changes brought about in the RV industry.
Although it is only the commercial line that has been purchased we have contacted
them to find out their direction. As for now we have no agreement but will
investigate the possibility of a relationship with the new manufacturers. They are
producing commercial utility trucks powered by electric, LP or natural gas. They
also have kits to eliminate diesel engines to electric.
In summary, at least for now we are still able to service your Legacy Workhorse
needs, both recall and warranty. Most parts are still available. We have no desire to
stop any RV services that we perform and will actively be searching for a new
chassis partner.
Thank you so much for your business over the years and we wish you Happy
Camping!! But when it's not happy, come and see us.
We'll get you fixed good as new!!!